Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tooting my own horn

In addition to this little blog, I do a few other things to occupy my time -- such as host a classical music program on WTJU, 91.1 fm in Charlottesville, VA. I decided when I started the program that would do something different. In order to fully explore the world of classical music, I began a no-repeat policy.

Each piece of music is aired on "Gamut" only once. Since 1984, when this peculiar experiment began, I've aired quite a body of work -- including unfamiliar works by famous composers, and works that deserve to be heard more often by lesser luminaries. And I still haven't gotten to all the basic repertoire yet!

Many people have asked for copies of the playlist, and so I've started a blog to oblige them. In time, hopefully, the playlists for all 743 three-hour programs (and counting) will be available for folks to look over. And I've also made a PDF of the master playlist available for download as well.

Want to know what's been going on in C'ville every Wednesday from 6 to 9 in the morning? Here's what I've been doing while most of my friends are just getting out of bed.


And why a picture of Gabriel for this little piece of shameless self-promotion? Well, he is the Patron Saint of broadcasters!

- Ralph

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