Monday, September 24, 2007

Where's Ken? Still in Nigeria

Longtime readers have noted Ken's absence from "CE Conversations." He's still around, and we can still look forward to his pithy posts. Ken's been busy both with strenuous physical competitions and inspired fiction writing.

Yes, Ken's been scamming another Nigerian 419 scammer. And this one is even more inspired than the last one.

Our cast of characters involve stars of Universal's horror movies, beginning with Boris Karloff. Boris is reimagined as a Texas businessman, prone to strange cowboy aphorisms invented by Ken. The scammer, the Honorable Dr. Charles Ibeh is hard-pressed to keep up with these bogus colloquialisms, at one point admonishing Boris in tortured syntax to "please use good english when addressing me okay [sic]." He even gets so flustered he starts signing his e-mails Ibeh Charles!

Why the FedEx logo for this post? When Lon Chaney enters the picture, this international carrier plays a pivotal role.

Read and enjoy "The Chronicles of Chuck."

And please -- don't let anyone you know fall for this scam.

- Ralph


  1. These are great, by the way!

  2. Thanks, Sean. Chuck was fun to work with.

    - Ken