Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free enterprise at 30,000 feet

I'm flying to Colorado tomorrow to go on a backcountry ski trip with some friends. I did all the requisite price shopping for airline tickets and ended up with a pretty good deal on Northwest (ahh . . . I mean Delta, maybe).

As we all know, times are tough for airlines, and the things we once took for granted -- meals, free snacks, and such, are pretty much a thing of the past. Of course, as travelers, we hate that. Isn't a smiling flight attendant with a pillow and a free bag of peanuts in the Bill of Rights somewhere?

But I don't begrudge the airlines a chance at making a few extra bucks here and there. Case in point -- as I checked in for my flight today, Northwest/Delta gave me the option of shelling out $25 bucks extra for a "Coach Choice" seat.

What's that? Simple -- those emergency exit row seats with the extra leg room. They hold them back, then give you a chance to pay a few extra bucks for the privilege of stretching your legs out. I'm all for free enterprise and a little extra leg room -- I snatched it up in a jiffy.

Now if they'd just throw in a pillow and some complimentary peanuts...


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