Thursday, May 15, 2008

Public Radio Blogs, III

I heard from Tom Morgan from WWOZ, New Orlean's jazz and heritage music public radio station. He responded to my post about public radio blogs. WWOZ started a blog to document the Jazz Fest event, and hope to soon have an official station blog.

I've still been unable to find any kind of directory for public radio blogs, so I think I'll start my own. If you know of any public radio station blogs, please post a comment to the Public Radio Blog Directory. As I visit different sites, I'll add any that I find as well.

- Ralph

BTW - If Charlottesville readers find Tom's name familiar, they should. Tom Morgan used to be a volunteer for WTJU, where he hosted the early jazz program "Bartender's Bop," as well as "The Jazz Roots Show," still going strong online and at WWOZ.

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