Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bigfoot Audio, 1927-2009 -- R. I. P.

It was a sad day for me a couple of weeks ago, when I read the news about the closing of Bigfoot Audio, after over 80 years in the electronics business.

It wasn't a surprise really. Bigfoot Audio, or "BA" as we fans liked to call it, had once been one of the real innovators in the consumer electronics industry, particularly in car audio. I recall many conversations with car audio enthusiasts who were always proud to show off their Bigfoot systems.

But some bad business decisions, and a failure to adapt to the times, drove the company down from the heights. I'm often surprised at how few people appreciate, or even realize, the effect Bigfoot Audio had on the CE industry.

I've collected a lot of BA memorabilia and gear over the years, so I'll post occasionally with a few tidbits about the company's history and their notable successes (and failures). I hope it'll be a trip down memory lane for some of you -- and an education for the rest.

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