Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In a couple of weeks, I'll be heading off to the Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference. Should be an interesting event. Mark Ramsey of Hear 2.0 (who I've quoted frequently) will be there, as will some other media mavens.

The large questions that commercial radio faces (or rather ignores) are also in front of pubcasters.

  • Where is the next generation of listeners coming from?
  • Are we radio broadcasters or media content creators?
  • Sure, we can offer more online, but how do we monetize it?
  • How do we sustain (or increase) giving levels in a down economy?
Big questions -- I'll be interested to see what some of the answers are.

In several ways, public broadcasters are ahead of the curve, and in others very far behind. Sometimes when I try to discuss new media concepts with my colleagues they react as if I'm speaking Esperanto.

Will this year be different?

We'll see. I'll be blogging -- and Twittering from the event.

- Ralph

(My business partner and I used to call this the Run-PRDMC conference when we talked with attendees, but we eventually stopped. No one got the reference. Good times.)

Day 78 of the WJMA Podwatch.

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