Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now This - The Story of WJMA

One of the coolest things about the media revolution is that resources formerly only available to professionals are now accessible to all.

I'll be attending the premier of a new documentary film on September 28. "Now This" will be shown at the Orange County Historical Society. It's a movie outlining the history of the first 35 years of WJMA, a station that holds a special place in the Orange community.

In the bad old days, this movie would have never happened. The focus is far too narrow, the potential audience far too small to justify the investment of production. But current cameras and video editing tools mean that folks who are interested in the history of this remarkable radio station can produce their own film. And from the trailer, it looks to be a fine film.

- Ralph

Day 150 of the WJMA Podwatch. (Will any of the of the current owners be at the premier? Don't know, but I'm sure they were invited.)

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