Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Skribit Suggestion Box

We're trying out a new feature for C.E. Conversations. While Ken and I both have our interests and passions, sometimes the well runs a little dry. And, quite frankly, sometimes I'd like to write about something different. But what?

That's where you, the reader, comes in. On the right, you'll see a box for Skribit. It's basically a suggestion box for this blog. Just share your thoughts about the kind of posts you'd like to see, and it then becomes part of my to-do list (at least, that's how I'm treating these suggestions).

In the meantime, we'll keep plugging away. We've got a series of posts in the works, and some other one-offs besides.

But this is the Internet, after all, so let's get interactive!

- Ralph

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