Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going offline -- and loving it

It's about time for my dad and I to attend another toy train meet in York, PA. We do this biannually, and when we do so,  I go off the grid. Where we spend the night, cell phone service isn't the best, and there's no Internet connection.

So that means that for most of the two days we're gone, I'm not online and have no way of getting online.

It's traumatic, and refreshing. And as I prepare for another trip, I realize that each time leaving the web has become a little more difficult. Today, for example, in addition to packing, finishing up details at work and other chores, I'll have some other things to do.

I'll need to schedule tweets for my Twitter feed to keep conversations going, and also set some Facebook posts to publish while I'm gone. And I'll have to write three days worth of posts for this blog to maintain my daily schedule!

But strangely, as much as I love the connectivity, I look forward to this time. No phone, no computer -- just me and my dad passing the time in the car talking about things, and sharing an activity we both love.

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