Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Straco Layout, Part 17 - Let's Run Some Trains Again!

The Straco Layout project has been going well, recently (read more about the whole project here). It seemed like a good time to run some trains -- after all, that's sort of the purpose. I'd added a new station (Part 16 - Station-Aero) and had all the locomotives in good repair, (see Part 14 - Bandai band-aid) so it was time to send them around the track and watch what happened.

One thing you'll notice in this video is that all three trains are loud.

The Bandai diesel sounds better than previously thanks to its recent cleaning, but it still made a racket. The worst of the lot was the Cragstan Santa Fe set. It sounded like it had been buried at the beach, unearthed and put on the track. Yikes!

The Straco switcher was still the best runner, but for some reason during the day I shot this, the cars had problems staying on the track, so its segment is the shortest in the video.

Oh well. These are all inexpensive toys that were marginally operational even when new. Nevertheless, I enjoyed getting these trains up and running them again. And I hope you do, too.


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