Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WTJU and the Offline Pushback -- Part 2

If you read my original post WTJU and the Offline Pushback, then you know the background. A listener called in to complain that I was talking too much about the WTJU website. She didn't do things online, and didn't want to hear about them.

I tried to dial back the announcements, recognizing they were a little long. Since that time, I've basically stuck to three types of announcements.

1) The station ID - "This is 91.1, WTJU Charlottesville VA. Remember you can always listen to us online at"

2) Service to the listener - "And if you missed some of the show, remember you can always hear it again at your convenience at (I just say "" but what I really am pointing to is "" Since I do an early morning program, I think this is a benefit -- I know a lot of folks who don't tune in until the second or even the third hour of the program).

3) Promotion of our online services - "We reviewed this CD on the WTJU Classical Comments blog. Once the music starts, I'll post a link to that review on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ feeds."

Well, apparently it was all too much. The listener called this morning to let me know that she loved the music I played, but she could stand all that talk about the website anymore. She would no longer listen to WTJU.

I was sorry to hear that she felt that way, but I don't think it will change things. We're broadcasting in a very crowded market (four non-commercial stations sharing the same audience). Growing our listenership by expanding our coverage area isn't an option. So the best way to get the word out, and attract new listeners is online. (click on images to enlarge)

The WTJU Classical Comments blog stats for today. My show runs from
6:00 AM to 9:00AM. I don't mention the URL on air, but I do send it
out via our social media channels.

Online listeners alone aren't the answer. While our overall numbers are up, they're still small compared to our analog audience (like most every other station). But each online listener is still a listener, and one more likely to help spread the word about WTJU -- because they're already online.

And there's been a significant upturn in the number of folks using our virtual tape vault to listen (or relisten) to previously aired shows.

Yes, my online-hating listener is gone. She's history -- in more ways than one.

Note the overall growth for the blog. As long as the trend continues, I'll keep
talking about WTJU's online services on the air.


  1. Didn't know that WTJU had archived shows -- awesome!

    1. They do. Every program is stored for two weeks, so there's a limited opportunity to hear a show again (or for the first time). Recently, I've noticed when I check the feed that there are people listening to some of our other classical programs while I'm broadcasting mine! Oh well, it's nice to have options.