Thursday, April 18, 2013

Collecting -- and collecting information 8C

I have a new virtual hobby -- gathering information about the Model A friction toy cars Bandai manufactured in the early 1960's. In part one, I gave some background. In parts two and three, I'm sharing what I've learned so far.

Part Three - Truck Bodies
So far, I've only found examples of two different types of truck bodies -- a panel truck, and a pickup truck. As with the variations for the car bodies, I would expect that in addition to the two styles of convertible pick up trucks, there is at least one version with a hard top cab.

1) Panel Trucks

2) Pickup Trucks

A) Models with top up -- known body colors: red, yellow

B) Models with top down -- known body colors: yellow

3) Fire truck
This is a somewhat unusual piece. Although it uses the same basic body as the rest of the Bandai Model A series, the pumper mechanism looks like it borrowed from another Bandai toy, a Model T-style fire engine! Only the fluting at the top of the boiler is different.

The Bandai Model T-style fire engine. Note the pumper
assembly.The boiler is the same as the one on the Model A.
The Model A's version is missing the fluting at top.
4) Battery-Operated Vehicles
Bandai also used parts from the Model A series to make some battery-operated vehicles. The fire engine is very similar to the Model A friction toy, save for the base, which has the battery compartment. Plus, an additional spinning mechanism was added.

Incorporating many of the Bandi Model A friction toy
parts, this battery-operated toy nevertheless falls
outside the series.

This fire engine has a completely different
undercarriage than the rest of the Bandai Model A's
The battery-operated hot rod uses the coupe body. Look carefully at wheel base, and you'll see the same spinner that the battery-operated fire engine has.

 Updated 6/20/13

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