Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gasoline Alley and the Old Comic Strip Challenge 25

In a sequence that began on April 9, 2013, Gasoline Alley centenarian Walt Wallet receives an invitation to the Old Comics Home dinner. Walt has reminisced before about his fellow characters from discontinued comic strips. And since Gasoline Alley began in 1918, there are quite a few of his contemporaries who have been retired.

Days 25 is chock full of comic characters, including some that are only decorations! And there's another themed grouping, this time of doctors.

 And as always, it's important to pay attention to the background figures Scancarelli populates the panels with. Sometimes they're generic onlookers, and sometimes they're not...

1. Tillie Jones - Tillie the Toiler (1921-1959) by Russ Westover
2. Unknown
3. The Little King - The Little King (1931-1975) b y Otto Soglow
4. Rex Morgan - Rex Morgan, M.D. (1948 - ) by Dale Curtis
5. Jeff - Mutt and Jeff (1907-1982) by Bud Fisher
6. Old Doc Yak - Old Doc Yak (1908-1917) by Sidney Smith

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