Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fresh approaches to Ravel and Chausson

The Trio Solisti perform two French piano trio repertoire standards, and have something substantial to offer with both.

The Ravel Trio in A minor benefits from a nice balance between delicacy and full-blown expressiveness. Trio Solisti means "trio of solists" and in this work that's what you get -- three soloists taking turns spinning out the exposed passages in Ravel's beautiful sonic tapestry. Soloists they may be, but the ensemble blend is there, too. And it's seamless.

Chausson's somewhat somber Trio in G minor, Op. 3, is also beautifully performed. Maria Bachmann's violin and Alexis Pia Gerlach's cello both seem to sound darker timbres in this work. The trio imbues the work with a sense of longing that only resolves on the final chords. Some performances I've heard make this trio sound pretty. The Trio Solisti give it real emotional weight.

Trio Solisti: Ravel & Chausson
Maurice Ravel: Trio in A minor
Ernest Chausson: Trio in G minor, Op. 3
Bridge 9440

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