Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother Goose and Grimm - Enjoy the Trip

I confess I sometimes go a little too far with my analysis of newspaper comics. Not so with today's example. Mike Peters had a simple but elegant meta gag in the March 23, 2015 sequence of Mother Goose and Grimm. (click to enlarge)

Peters takes a boilerplate element of the strip -- one that the reader never really sees -- and makes it the subject of the gag. And notice that because it is part of the gag, the copyright notice is treated a little differently. Normally, the entire notice would be in a single panel (and usually running vertically to keep it out of the way). In this case, the copyright notice starts in the first panel (to initiate the action), and finishes in the last panel so Grimmy can point to it (and we can get the joke) without having to go all the way back to the first panel.

Simple, clever, and so meta!

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