Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reply All Mark Trail

Two of the many newspaper comic strips I read daily are about as far apart stylistically as possible. Mark Trail has been running continually since 1946, and until fairly recently the artwork seemed stuck in the 1950's (kudos for current artist James Allen for making the artwork more dynamic and contemporary-looking).

Donna Lewis started Reply All in 2011, and uses Photoshop to create collage-like artwork.

Mark Trail is about the outdoor adventures of a globe-trotting wildlife photographer. Reply All is about the personal insecurities of a young woman in the working world.

And yet...

Here's Ken, the marine biologist that brings Mark Trail into an undersea adventure in August, 2015.

Here's Drew, the boyfriend of Lizzie, the heroine of Reply All.

Seeing them both on the same page, I was struck by the resemblance. Are they brothers? Does Drew lead a secret life of adventure?

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

But still...

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