Wednesday, October 05, 2016

#BachaDay 2016

Are you on Twitter -- and love classical music? Then you should know about the #BachaDay hashtag. For the month of October, we'll be using that hashtag to share the music of Bach -- or rather, Bachs.

Tag JS Bach (at the keyboard), or any of his composer sons with #BachaDay

If you have a favorite work/performance/arrangement of Bach's, then just say so and use the hashtag. If you can also provide a link to the work/performance/arrangement, even better.

Most #BachaDay tweets will be about Johann Sebastian Bach, of course, like this one:

#BachADay The Art of the Fugue. Glenn Gould havin' a good day. …@GlennGouldFndn

Personally, I'll be going through the family tree:

For #BachaDay the cantata "Let us cast off the works of darkness" by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

For #BachaDay I'm enjoying Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 's Magnificat was JS' 2nd eldest son)

Arrangements of Bach's music count for #BachaDay:

My 1st #BachADay disc is the new @MattHaimovitz Overtures to Bach.

#BachADay Walt Disney + Leopold Stokowski = great animation + impressive music. This is so much fun!

And even PDQ Bach. In fact, the month started with a riff on Bach initials (which you can find by using the hashtag).

Contribute if you like, or just check your feed once in a while to discover some great suggestions of music to check out.

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