Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sally Forth from Past to Future

I love the way writer Francesco Marciuliano plays with the conventions of the daily comic strip. In Sally Forth, he's jumped ten years into the future to present adult versions of Hilary and her friends Faye and Nona. And in one instance, he had the Forth family meet their earlier counterparts (see: Sally Forth into the Funky Past).

In a sequence that ran in August 2016, this happened:

Notice how carefully it's framed. Is Hillary really conversing with her older self, or is it just her imagination? There are no other characters around to either ask who that person is she's talking to or why she's talking to the air.

We only know what we're shown. And that ambiguity, I think, is what makes the sequence work. 

I like to think it's all in Hilary's mind.  Because I really am not looking forward to Zootopia 3 in outer space.

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