Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fund Drive Funk

Just finished my first fund-raising shift for WTJU. It's not my first shift ever -- I've been doing fund-raising programs for the station for about twenty years. It's always a rush when I'm on the air, but there's always a let-down afterwards.

Fund-raising is a tricky thing on the radio. You're trying to persuade people who get your signal for free to voluntarily pay for it. You have to walk a very fine line between keeping upbeat enough to encourage the calls, but not get angry or depressed when the calls don't come. You have to encourage folk to make that pledge without hectoring them for being such cheapskates.

The show was pretty successful, and we raised a fair amount of money. So now it's time to come down from the adrenaline high and go on with the rest of the day. I'll have to do it again tomorrow, though. So if you listen to WTJU, do me a favor and pledge already. It will make tomorrow a little easier.

Pledge now: http://wtju.net/donatenow

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