Sunday, December 11, 2011

Clackety-Clack Train

One of the new decorations this year is anything but new. It's a wooden toy train made by my grandfather. Recently my dad ran across the original plans Grandpa used from a handyman magazine in 1957.

What's interesting is what differences there are between the magazine plans and the final process.

First take a quick looks at the plans (click on the images to enlarge).


As you can see, there are some minor changes -- the car is a little shorter than the plan, and the tender is (mercifully) turned the right way. Note the smokestack.

The directions call for a turned dowel, but Grandpa didn't have a lathe. So instead, he used the handle from an old rubber stamp.

And finally, for reasons unknown, rather than a metal clacker, Grandpa used a stiff piece of cardboard.

Still, as a home-made toy it worked fine. I remember pulling it along behind me as it clacked away. It's good to have it back, and nice to know the story behind it.

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