Thursday, December 15, 2011

(Plastic) Model Behavior

Yesterday when I was visiting my Dad, he handed me a dusty box. Inside was a plastic model car I had made years ago. I had completely forgotten about it, but the reappearance of the object has made some memories reappear.

The model is of a 1965 Dodge Monoco Hardtop, made by Revell/MPC. I put it together when I was around 9 years old.

What lines!
First, I was never really a big car fan, so I don't know why I chose this particular model kit, except that my great-uncle ran a Dodge dealership and everyone in our family drove Dodges or Plymouths (although never a Monoco).

Second, although the kit's assembled, it's not painted. I was never very good with a brush, and Mom didn't allow spray paint (too messy, even outside), so there it in its molded plastic glory.

Yes, painting would have helped immensely.
Who has a gold engine block?
Third, I seemed to have done a pretty good job with the cement -- there aren't great globs of it hanging out everywhere -- but there was some stock on my fingertips when I put in the windshield. As you can see from the crazed plastic.

Fourth, as I recall the kit (like many at the time), gave you the option of making the stock version, or adding some extras like a bigger motor, decals, etc. For some reason, I always chose to make the stock version.

I also preferred to color within the lines....

This Dodge Monoco sat on my dresser for years when I was growing up, and was finally packed away when we moved out of the house. Thirty years later, it's now sitting on my desk at work, next to a laptop that 1965 science fiction never imagined.

The car has a couple of interesting features. The hood opens up. I suspect if I had painted the engine block the right colors it would be a more impressive display.

And the front seats tip forward. One thing I quickly learned -- it was lot easier getting them back into position back then. At nine, my fingers had more room inside the car than they do today.

Thanks for digging this model up, dad.

And the seats tip forward.
What interior detail!
That gold Dodge Monoco still looks cool to me.


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Maybe you like it because it's a muscle car for the minimalist.

  2. That could be. I'm not sure what my nine-year-old self was thinking...