Saturday, December 03, 2011

Reckless dancing -- there's always one

With this classic setup, two DDC's could go wild and
everyone else could dance without fear of serious injury.
This evening we went to a Holly Ball dance (it's that time of year). There, front and center, was a phenomenon I've seen many times at wedding receptions -- the Dancing Drunk Chick. If you've been to any social gathering involving dancing and alcohol, you've probably seen her, too.

Once the DDC gets going, there's no stopping her. She's on the floor for every song (or in the case of tonight, even when the band took a break), dancing with wild abandon. Which was a good time to abandon the dance floor. Because the DDC throws her arms out, kicks her feet, hops around, spins, and generally uses a lot of space for her awesome moves.

And if she crashes into someone else in the process, well, don't worry -- she won't feel a thing. Sometimes young, though most often not (maybe there's something else going on here), I can always count on finding at least one DDC at every receptions. And strangely enough, there never seems to be more than two or three, tops.

I certainly admire her alcohol-fueled energy -- if not her flailing fists. Maybe its time to bring back the go-go dancer cages. Then we could all do the Safety Dance in safety...

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