Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elmar Memories

 In a recent visit to my dad, he unearthed yet another artifact from my childhood -- an Elmar toy locomotive.

This was a premium that one could get by sending off Kellogg's cereal boxtops -- which we did. It was billed as a "Jet Drive Whistle Loco," a title that definitely overpromised.

Basically, you fit an inflated balloon over the smokestack. As it deflated, some of the air escaped through a slot on the top of the boiler, creating a train whistle. Most of the air went out an opening in the back, making the "jet drive" that pushed the engine along.

There were two things I remembered about this toy.
  1. It looked pretty good.
  2. It never worked very well.

Fast forward forty years, and I once again have the Elmar loco in my possession. After giving it a good cleaning, I  gave it a try. I have two thoughts about the toy.
  1. It still looks pretty good.
  2. It still doesn't work very well.
It's said that nostalgia colors our memories, making them at odds with the reality of the time. Not it this case. The good and the bad aspects of this inexpensive little toy is exactly as I remembered it.

Still, it looks pretty good sitting on my desk. Thanks, Dad!

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