Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seven Better

It's the day after Apple's big announcement. Take a look around the blogosphere and see how many people get it. The ones that discuss iTunes 7 and iTV do. The ones that focus on the iPod shuffle kind of do. The ones that scratch their heads over the new versions of the iPod nano and video iPod and wonder what the fuss was about, don't.

The key to Apple's extraordinary success has been the simplicity of the interface between the iTunes Music Store, the computer and the iPod. Why did iTunes experience such phenomenal success? While "coolness" may have been a factor, the core reason was functionality. The consumer could see an obvious difference, and the rest is history [see: "Better Best Be Better"].

The big news isn't the players this time (well, except for maybe the iPod shuffle), it’s the software. In a forest of "me, too" competitors, Apple's once again delivered something that the public can see the advantages of. IMHO.
- Ralph

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