Monday, January 12, 2009

The Value of Spare Parts -- Hats Off to Sennheiser!

When I worked as an electronics salesman on the phone, I'd usually get at least one call a week from some old codger complaining about how he couldn't get his VCR, stereo, turntable, etc., repaired. "They don't make them like they used to," he'd inevitably say.

I didn't bother explaining to him that actually electronic equipment was more reliable and better built than it was back in the "good old days" -- I knew I wouldn't have a chance of winning that argument. Instead I'd cluck sympathetically and sympathize with him, hoping he'd go away and let me sell some gear to some one else, instead of clogging up my phone line.

In truth though, I had to sympathize a bit with him. When you're familiar with a piece of gear, it's like an old friend -- you don't want to bother learning about the ins and outs of a new piece of gear, you just want to sit down and use the old one they way you were used to.

This week I had a small moment of satisfaction with my Sennheiser HD477 headphones. I've had these excellent, reasonably priced phones for many years, and I liked the way the sound and feel. Then the cord went bad, and the left channel kept dropping out. Sennheiser, to their credit, realized that the cord is the weak link with any set of headphones. The HD477's headphone cord unhooks easily, and a replacement cord can be had for only a few bucks.

So after a quick trip to the Sennheiser web site, a quick application of my American Express card, and a few days waiting on the mail, I'm now sitting at my cube listening to the Austin Lounge Lizards while I type this little tribute.

Way to go, Sennheiser!

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