Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time for a new tack

Well, a week ago I contacted the General Manager of WTJU to alert him about a copyright violation on the new WTJU website. Basically, UVa is using one of my photos without permission (shown right). I offered an easy out -- send me a request for use, and I'll grant it without charge (because I'm a volunteer and I'm happy to help). Here we are nine days later and no response.

So I've decided that perhaps I'm contacting the wrong person. I sent the following email to the station's webmaster. Let's see what happens.

The website mockup looks great, but it's using an image of mine that I have not given the University permission to use. I'm happy to do so (at no charge), but someone needs to contact me about it. Attached is the original photo, along with the email that wrote to Burr on 8/10.

I have yet to get any kind of response, so perhaps this message hasn't reached the right person. Could you please either forward this along or let me know who I should be sending this to?

I would very much like my photo to be used -- but legally to protect everyone's interests.


Saw the mockup for the new website -- it looks really great.

I know you're talking with the UVa legal department about various things, and I'd like to help you keep things in order.

I'm not sure who put the photo of the board operator's hand on the header, but I do know they don't have permission to use the image -- because it's mine. I took that photo and posted it to my Facebook account.

Attached is a copy of the original photo, where you can clearly see that I have my Gamut playlist open on the computer screen.

I didn't say anything when it was grabbed for the forum, I thought things were volatile enough.

I'm perfectly happy to allow the station/University to use the image without charge. I'd consider it a donation to the station. But to make sure all the t's are crossed, the appropriate people need to shoot me an email asking permission for use, which I'll promptly reply to.

That way there will be permission on file that just protects everyone (and shows you're on top of things).

Please email the request to:

[email address provided]

with the subject line:

Photo clearance

I'm very honored that folks considered this image captures part of the spirit of the station, and I'd love to have it used for that purpose.

The WTJU copyright issue, day 9. 

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  1. Love your blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.