Monday, September 19, 2011

Can't find the time

My elementary school report cards all shared the same comment: "Does not use time wisely." There were always too many interesting things going on, and assignments were less interesting, and so I often had deadline issues. In this new blogging regimen, I find that I'm in somewhat of a creative crunch.

You see, I have a day job, so that takes about eight hours out of the day (actually nine with the commute). And there there's the side business (DCD Records) which takes about an hour a day. And that leaves the rest of the day to:

Write a blog post (about a half an hour)
Write fiction (ideally at least an hour)
Compose music (ideally at least 2 hours) oh - and run (at least one hour)

Now let's add eight hours of sleep (ideal, but six will do), and that leaves about 3 hours for everything else -- meals, family time, etc. It's a pretty tight schedule -- maybe too tight. But let's see what happens. Maybe I can learn to use time wisely after all!

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