Saturday, September 03, 2011

Subdividing the 0-Gauge Zen Garden - Part 4. Rocking the Details

Sometimes a rock is just a rock. Although in this case
it will be representing one much larger than itself.
In the first three parts of the series, I outlined my plan to add scenery to a section of my 0-gauge tinplate layout, and how I accomplished that. At the end of part three, the houses were built (and light-proofed), the plots were ready, the wiring installed, the road laid -- but I wasn't quite done.

Right in the corner of the area I was working on, I wanted something suggest that perhaps my mountain extended higher. I only had scant inches on either side, so building up anything was out of the question. So I turned to nature.

There was a large stone that had made its way to the surface of our field. It was mostly flat on one side, and just happened to be the right size for my space. I thoroughly washed it, and when it was dry, it was ready to use.

All I had to do was set the rock in place, and I was done. Sort of. To make it look a little more integrated, I added some lichen around it,  and that seemed to do the trick.

I also used lichen to help hide the seams where the cork met the paper mache rocks. There's still some more to do.

I'd like to add some trees at some point, and little more greenery. But for now, I'm happy with the -- representational not realistic -- results.

 The subdivision on top of the mountain. It's pretty cramped -- but so are those
houses. Property values can't be very high, located next to an airplane
beacon and overlooking an industrial area.

 I'm thinking fencing might be in order. That's quite a drop-off
from the back door.

Homes sweet homes.

Subdividing the 0-Gauge Zen Garden
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