Friday, June 22, 2012

CCC 034 - Beata Moon

When we started the Consonant Classical Challenge, the idea was to call out living composers writing innovative music in an accessible style that could help revitalize orchestral programs. But not every composer writes for orchestra.

American composer Beata Moon is a good example. Like Chopin, Moon is a talented pianist who writes primarily for her instrument. A good example of her style is her Prelude for piano. While remaining within the framework of post-modern tonality, Moon nevertheless creates music that sounds fresh and engaging. This is not just pretty noodling.

Beata Moon has founded an ensemble to perform her chamber works. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an example to share. Her choral work Insomnia Tips, though, can give you a good idea of how Moon writes for other performers.

Although Beata Moon writes accessible music, it's never bland. Submerged is a work with dramatic tension and forceful musical statements.

 I hope that in time Beata Moon will receive some commissions to write music for orchestras (or at least string orchestras). Her music is appealing and engaging. She has a unique and distinctive compositional voice, and it's one I'd like to hear more of.

Recommended recordings

Beata Moon: Piano Sonata; In Transit; Submerged; Guernica; Inter-Mez-Zo

Beata Moon: Earthshine

Beata Moon: Saros

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