Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gasoline Alley and the Old Comic Strip Challenge 8

In a sequence that began on April 9, 2013, Gasoline Alley centenarian Walt Wallet receives an invitation to the Old Comics Home dinner. Walt has reminisced before about his fellow characters from discontinued comic strips. And since Gasoline Alley began in 1918, there are quite a few of his contemporaries who have been retired. (Read the whole series here)

Day 8 of the sequence proved to be a little easier for me. Scancarelli has provided scant clues as to the vintage comic strip characters he references. Occasionally someone will be called by name, but for the most part the reader is on their own. (click on images to enlarge)

In today's sequence Scancarelli labels one of the characters -- and with good reason. In the 1930's, Gump was as popular as Mutt and Jeff. But since the latter strip lasted well into the 1980's -- thirty years after the Gumps were discontinued -- modern readers are most likely to assume the character was Jeff.  The ironic thing is that this was one character that I recognized. If only more nametags had been issued!

1. Maggie- Bringing Up Father (1913-2000) by George McManus
2. Andy Gump - The Gumps (1917-1949) by Sidney Smith
3. Jiggs - Bringing Up Father (1913-2000) by George McManus

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