Tuesday, February 11, 2014

David Ian: Valentine's Day -- Jazz stylings for that special day

Valentine's Day
David Ian

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for a romantic evening at home? Jazz pianist David  Ian's "Valentine's Day" may be just what you're looking for. Ian assembles a collection of romantic standards from the Great American Songbook and presents them with his affable piano stylings.

A number of guest vocalists are on hand. Some, like Andre Miguel Mayo and Talitha Walters-Wulfing, are alumni from Ian's Christmas album.
By using different singers, and using them sparingly, Ian keeps the album's sound interesting and consistent. As a soundtrack to an intimate evening, Valentine's Day is ideal -- with one caveat.

There's a bonus track, "Sweet By and By" with gospel singer Russ Taff. Taff's voice is quite rough compared to the other singers, and the song itself an odd choice. Think about it -- the message of this gospel song is that we'll all be reunited after death. Talk about a mood killer.

Skip the bonus track and save the evening.

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