Monday, August 18, 2014

Diabelli Project 053 - Piano Piece in C minor

The Diabelli Project is about offering my weekly flash-composition sketches freely to all. Like Antonio Diabelli's theme these sketches aren't great music. But perhaps (as in Diabelli's case) there's a Beethoven out there who can do great things with them.

As you can see, this week I ran out of time just when things were getting interesting. Perhaps I shouldn't have had that running bass line -- it takes time to write out all those notes, even in sketch form! (click on image to enlarge)

Still, there's enough there to suggest to me what comes next. But what about you? All the Diabelli Project sketches can be used freely by any and all. No fees, no licensing -- just have fun. Oh. And let me know how it turns out.

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