Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Leon Fleisher: All the Things You Are

All the Things You Are
Leon Fleisher, piano

Listen to this album very carefully. Otherwise, it's easy to forget that Leon Fleisher is performing with just his left hand. The chords are so artfully arpeggiated, and the movement up and down the keyboard so swift, that Fleisher maintains the illusion that he's playing with both hands. And that's sort of the point. These works -- and Leon Fleisher's performances -- can be judged on their own merits, not a special sub-set of music.

This recital disc, with two exceptions, features works that were either composed or arranged for Fleisher.

And what a program! The original works include Leon Kirchener's 1995 L.H, George Perle's Musical Offerings (for Fleisher's 70th birthday), and Dina Koston's Thoughts of Evelyn. Fleisher's friend and colleague Earl Wild re-arranged his study Gerswhin's The Man I Love for him. Also included is Brahms' left hand study of a Bach Chaconne, and Federico Mompou's 1930 Prelude No. 6 for left hand. And the disc concludes with Stephen Prutsman's arrangement of Jerome Kern's All the Things You Are.

 Leon Fleisher's musicality brings out the best in each of these compositions, and unites them into a cohesive program. An amazing audio document.

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