Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Vintage Comics Mutts

Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell has riffed on his acorn-bombing squirrels many times. And like the last two times noted in this blog (The Mighty Marvel Mutts and the The Mighty Marvel Mutts 2), there's an overarching theme. And if you're aware of that theme, then the Sunday sequence which appears to be stand-alone, has even greater impact.

July 6-12, 2015 McDonnell features a variety of comic strip characters, some well-known, some obscure. Here's the run-down: (click on images to enlarge)

7/6/15 - Robin is the first victim. He's one of the oldest DC Comics character. He was introduced by Bill Finger and Bob Crane in 1940 as a companion for Batman.

7/7/15 We've moved from comic books to comic strips with Dennis the Menace. Hank Ketchem started the single panel strip in 1951.

7/8/15 And now we're back to comic books. Richie Rich is a character created by Alfred Harvey and Warren Kremer. He first appeared in Little Dot (see below) in 1953, but eventually was published in his own Harvey comic book beginning in 1960.

7/9/15 Little Dot is another Harvey comic book character, She was created in 1949 by Alfred Harvey and Vic Herman as a back-up feature in another Harvey book, and received her own title in 1953.

7/10/15 Charles Schultz's Charlie Brown, though a comic strip character, is a contemporary of Lil' Dot. Peanuts premiered in newspapers in 1950.

7/10/15 Little Orphan Annie is another vintage comic strip character. In fact, it's the oldest one in the series. Harold Grey began the strip in 1924 (although the punchline refers to the 1982 movie musical).

7/11/15 And we finish with a reference to Superman, with a version of the classic 1938 cover of Action Comics. The cycle started with one of DC Comic's earliest heroes, and it ends with their earliest.

Another great sequence by Patrick McDonnell -- especially for die-hard comics fans.

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