Friday, April 14, 2017

Line Mar Match Box Construction 047 - Candelabrum

I found a Line Mar Match Box Construction Set from the 1930s, complete and with instructions. The box claimed the set made 100 different toys. I decided to test that claim -- one toy at a time. You can read all the posts for the Line Mar construction project at 100 Toys.

047. Candelabrum

Put it down to artistic license. The illustration for this toy shows the "candles" merrily burning away. I had no desire to ignite the dowel rods just to more closely emulate the image! 

The build for the candle holder wasn't too difficult. The illustration shows a longer dowel attached to the base. I used the longest dowel provided, but in order for it to balance anything, I had to push it through both metal base pieces. That made it look substantially shorter than it does in the illustration. 

Of course, the candle holder assembly weighted a fair amount (relatively speaking). But the challenge there was to make sure that the cross pieces intersected at exactly 90 degrees to keep the load balanced. The most difficult part of the process was making sure each "candle" pointed straight up.

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