Friday, May 12, 2017

Line Mar Match Box Construction 050 - Swing

I found a Line Mar Match Box Construction Set from the 1930s, complete and with instructions. The box claimed the set made 100 different toys. I decided to test that claim -- one toy at a time. You can read all the posts for the Line Mar construction project at 100 Toys.

050. Swing

This toy marks the halfway point of the 100 Toys project. Not to give too much away, but I've already looked ahead on the instruction sheet. On average, it looks like the toys get much more complex as we progress. 

So what about toy no. 50, the swing? It runed out to be another construction made challenging by artistic license. The illustrator could make the dowels as long as they needed to make the picture look good. 

The builder (me) didn't have that option. I had to use the lengths issued with the set. So, as you can see, the taller dowels are balanced on shorter ones. The metal pillars provided a good deal of stability; putting fiberboard collars on the taller dowels helped, too. But still, it's a pretty rickety affair, though it did photograph well. 

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