Monday, May 22, 2017

Duet for B-flat Clarinet and Bass Clarinet - Part 3

As part of my Diabelli Project flash composition series, I wrote four sketches for a B-flat clarinet and bass clarinet duet. Even when I was sketching them out, I knew they were part of the same four movement work. 

In Part 1 I posted the third movement, which is where I started with this piece. I then moved on to the opening movement, which I posted in Part 2

I finished up the sketch for the second movement (below). In the original Diabelli Project sketch (bottom), I had thought this would be a slow movement. But I liked the one I came up with better. Two slow movements were too much. And when I really looked at the music, I could see that it would work at a faster tempo, too. 

So here's the result. The alternating seconds which serve as the rhythmic accompaniment get handed from one instrument to the other. But it's always there, always defining the pulse as 3+3+2. That's why I made the meter 8/8 instead of 4/4. 4/4 implies an eighth note grouping of 2+2+2+2. 

Now it's on the finale.

And here's the original Diabelli Project sketch (No. 147) this movement grew out of.

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