Tuesday, July 04, 2017

#ClassicsaDay Month-long music for the 4th of July

American music for an American holiday!

Throughout the years I've offered suggestions for 4th of July classical music. Just going with the 1812 Overture is not only lazy programming but does a disservice to our rich musical heritage. (I get it -- cannons. But do we really want "God Save the Czar" accompanying our fireworks?)

This year, rather than just posting American music worth exploring on the 4th, I'll be doing it all month long via Twitter.

American music on #ClassicsaDay

Classical music lovers on Twitter post music links using #ClassicsaDay in their tweet to share with others. And they know to click on the hashtag in tweets to see what others have found.

For the month of July, some of the participants (including yours truly) will be featuring American music. I’ll personally be tweeting a link to music by a different American composer every weekday in July. Look for #ClassicsaDay and #USclassics.

Don't use Twitter?

Not a problem! Just keep reading this blog. Next month I'll post an annotated list (with embedded videos) of the composers I’ve highlighted. And you can do a Google search for #ClassicsaDay and see the most popular tweets without even going to Twitter.

There’s more to American music than John Philip Sousa and Aaron Copland!

Want to join the month-long celebration of American music from the 1700s to the present? Using the hashtag is simple. In Twitter, type #Classicsaday into the search field to call up the most recent tweets. 

Or if you see #ClassicsaDay in a tweet, just click on it to do the same thing. 

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