Thursday, May 31, 2018

Spam Roundup May, 2018

Even with spam filters, some comments manage to make it through the system. Some of it's so oddly written, that it's oddly amusing. Here's a roundup of some of the "best" comments I received this month from spambots around the world.

Stream of unconsciousness

I'm not sure what this is all about. I received a bunch of comments this month that completely filled up the comments form. Here's a small sampling:

 - At the meager necessities when buying online, substantiation near dealership's websites and directories postulate upon claiming instauration for your hit. By exercise on a regular basis, you can insure the freshest cut of meat deep brown to break off the top of their belongings if you agnize some performing meliorate and the reality...

 - shopping your computing machine, but location take been overexerted, quicker strokes win meliorate. Be exceedingly good. Be full lettered around. Now you be kids or honourable a few trades in 15 atomic or two day extensions.

 - Tired of all the people running around with mishmash emblems of skulls and fire and wings. Even though it's typically marked on it spots, it is still very important to make additional notes so that you will comprehend them right away. [With this stuff, comprehension doesn't come right away -- if at all.]

- C'est le pouvait détacheг son, piscine est construite, aussi que cet et comρorte une salle lеs lumièrеs et n'a rien à de rocherѕ richeѕ sa fatigue de. Vous êtes écoeuré ses mains autour, des yeux et centimètres sur l'autre puisse me remplacer... [Translation: This is the place where the pool is built, as well as this and is a hall of light and has nothing to do with its richness. You have nauseated her hands around, eyes and centimeters on each other can replace me...]

There it is. The magnet polarity that's generating
solid arguments beneficial for one's experience.

"Lumbering along" polarizes comments

The Straco Express Layout, Part 23 - Lumbering Along still pulls in a disproportionate number of comments. And none of them have anything to do with the post itself -- a brief write-up of a vintage Japanese tin friction toy.

 - I read your article about magnet polarity. it makes you capable of measuring the inefficiency and return on investment of your marketing campaigns. [So does that make me a spam magnet?]

 - Touche Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing effort. [No problem. En Garde!]

 - Awesome in support of me too have a site, which is beneficial for my experience. thanks admin [You're welcome. Sincerely, Admin.]

And finally, this:

 - I'm sure this post has touched all the internet people. 

I'm sure it has. Till next time, then, when I'll no doubt touch all the internet people once again with a stirring post.

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