Thursday, August 24, 2006

Practicing the preaching and Tivo vox populi

While Ken catches up on some things, I'll continue my double threads.

Subject 1 - Classical Programming
In addition to complaining about radio, I'm actively trying to improve it as well. Since 1991 I've hosted a classical music program on WTJU, and just aired the latest one yesterday. Here's my playlist, with some commentary to help illustrate my points about classical music programming.

Gamut Program #702 8/22/06

Peter Schat: Collages for 31-tone organ
Van Goozen, organ (RN Classics)
This is difficult listening at its finest. An interesting sonic experiment that deserved to be heard at least once (but probably not much more than that). I'm doing a cycle of Peter Schat's music, so this was aired to give a more complete insight into the composer's talents.

Wilhelm Stenhammer: Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 23
Ortiz/Jarvi/Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (BIS)
Beautiful, late-romantic music that doesn't get played enough -- and a soothing balm after the Schat.

J. S. Bach: Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 659
Bowyer, organ (Nimbus)
Solo organ works are a no-no for most classical programmers. Not me.

Muzio Clementi: Sonata in B minor, Op. 40 No. 2
Wong, piano (Ivory Classics)
Tuneful, well-crafted music. At one time he rivaled Mozart and Haydn in popularity. Surely this is music that deserves a listen.

Karl Goldmark: Symphony No. 2 in E flat, Op. 35
Halasz/Rhenish Philharmonic Orchestra (Marco Polo)
The greatest symphony ever written? Nope. But it's a thrilling sonic ride nevertheless.

Antonio Rosetti: Sinfonia in G minor, Kaul I:27
Concerto Koln (Teldec)
An exellent example of the rococco period. Frothy, tuneful and (because it hasn't been played to death) fresh

Georges Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody, Op. 11 No. 2
Andreescu/Romanian National Radio Orchestra (Olympia)
Enescu celebrated his musical heritage with these Rhapsodies. Played by a Romanian orchestra, the music takes on added depth.

Alexander Agricola: Je nay dueul
Anon 15th c.: Hor oires un chanson
Dit le burguygnon
Jacob Obrecht: Tander naken
Heinrich Isaac: La morra
Antoine Busnois: Accordes moy
Anon.: Si a tort on ma blamee
Gentil Prince
Piffarro (Dorian)
Music from a 1502 publication. Between these pieces and the Schat we spanned 460 years of music in three hours, and in the process hopefully delivered engaging content for both the newcomer and the long-tlime classical listener.

Subject 2 - How do you Tivo?
According to the Washington Post, there's a new study on Tivo usage that has some interesting results. Apparently, most folks use Tivo to resolve the conflict of choosing between two programs broadcast simultaneously. And most of the programming recorded is coming from network, not cable channels. How closely does this match your usage? Another question for my colleague, the lifetime Tivo subscriber.
- Ralph

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