Friday, August 25, 2006

Tivo and me

I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the results of the survey in the Washington Post that Ralph cited. I had a romantic vision of TiVo owners as rebels, fighting against the tyranny of time and network prime-time pap, tailoring our eclectic viewing tastes to personalize our TVs.


Turns out that TiVo (and DVRs in general) have become so mainstream that user viewing habits pretty much reflect the general public. Well, I'll just have to look for the next wave I suppose. TiVo has had a significant effect on me. I watch less TV, and make frequent use of wishlists to find specific programs that interest me. Sometimes I stumble upon excellent shows purely by accident that way. It's how I found Globe Trekker — a stimulating look at travel destinations, some out-of-the-way, some not. With so many channels available (and so little on), TiVo busts through the clutter and turns the jumble of my 50+ cable channels into my own personal narrowcast.


P.S. — You've got to admire Ralph's widely eclectic tastes in music. I'll let you sneak a peak at my favorites later on.

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