Saturday, February 09, 2008

WJMA - Still Frozen

There's been a little bit of change on the WJMA website -- sort of.

For those who came in late, in November I wrote a series of posts analyzing WJMA's website. The site's not unique in the radio world, which was sort of the point. Broadcast radio, on the whole, has not a clue how media consumption has shifted nor what to do about it. My series of posts used WJMA as a test case -- here's a problem, and here are some practical solutions.

One of the problems was the lack of maintenance on the site. The local news page had the dateline "November 9, 2007" and a blank page. I revisited the site on December 9 and January 9 and saw nothing had changed. Now on February 9, there's been a modicum of activity -- the page no longer says "November 9, 2007." It's now completely blank!

Note to the powers that be: this may be a change, but it's not an improvement.

Also, the job posting hasn't been changed. Piedmont Communications is still looking for a program director who can "oversea programs." I wonder if they were looking for someone who could oversee programs the position wouldn't still be unfilled?

And of course, you still can't contact the on-air staff -- or even find out who they are. That page is still under construction.

We'll check back March 9. Will anything be different? Stay tuned!

- Ralph

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