Monday, March 03, 2014

Diabelli Project 031 - Invention in A Aeolian

The Diabelli Project is about offering my weekly flash-composition sketches freely to all. Like Antonio Diabelli's theme these sketches aren't great music. But perhaps (as in Diabelli's case) there's a Beethoven out there who can do great things with them.

This one's a bouncy little invention that has two things going for it, I think. First, it's in 5/8, giving it an off-balance feel that helps propel the music along. And that's good, because the second thing is that it's written in Aeolian mode, rather than minor, so there's no leading tone to pull things strongly towards the tonic. That means there's a little less sense of forward motion. So having the 5/8 push is a good thing. (click to enlarge)

So where does this little invention go next? That's up to you, if you're so inclined. Just let me know how it turns out. I'm curious to see how that greater/lesser momentum plays out.

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