Monday, March 17, 2014

Diabelli Project 033 - Air in C major

The Diabelli Project is about offering my weekly flash-composition sketches freely to all. Like Antonio Diabelli's theme these sketches aren't great music. But perhaps (as in Diabelli's case) there's a Beethoven out there who can do great things with them.

If you've been following this series from the beginning, then you know I've almost exclusively made these counterpoint exercises of one type or another. The challenge today was to break the trend and start thinking about other kinds of music. Like a song. Actually, I prefer the word "air" because it removes any pop culture connotations. Nothing wrong with those, but I just wanted to write something still in the classical realm.  (click to enlarge)

And here it is. Of course, with that huge melodic span over the first two measures this would be an instrumental rather than vocal air. But where does it go next? If you happen to complete this musical thought, be sure to share!

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