Monday, December 29, 2014

Diabelli Project 072 - Movement for String Orchestra

The Diabelli Project is about offering my weekly flash-composition sketches freely to all. Like Antonio Diabelli's theme these sketches aren't great music. But perhaps (as in Diabelli's case) there's a Beethoven out there who can do great things with them.

This week's sketch is perhaps my most ambitious to date. Remember, I only allow myself ten minutes to write as much as I can. And in this case, well, it turned out to be quite a lot. Here's the fair copy of the sketch for string orchestra, which runs two manuscript pages. (click on images to enlarge)

And here's the original sketch, scribbled furiously during my ten-minute flash composition window.

What happens next? That's up to you. As with all the Diabelli Project sketches, I offer this freely to anyone who would like to use all or part of it. Just let me know the results!

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