Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Straco Express Layout, Part 44 - Haji like a tanker?

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A couple of years ago I picked up a three-wheeled sedan for the Straco display layout (see: Part 22 - Tri Something New). It was an eBay purchase.

I'm often wary of eBay descriptions. There's no vetting of the information the seller posts, so listings are often rife with misinformation. In this case, the seller attributed the car to Haji, although there was no logo on the vehicle. For want of proof to the contrary, I've labelled it as Haji piece in this series for convenience.

But now I know for sure.

Same manufacturer? Hard to say.
My most recent purchase was a small gas tank truck. It appealed to me for a number of reasons. The colors aren't primary, which helps provide some variety to the display's color palette. It's also a somewhat intricate stamping, with the hood and front fenders more fully-formed that many of the examples I already have.

Comparing chassis, it's clear to see
they were both made by Haji.
And it's made by Haji.

I know this because the logo is clearly visible on the side of the vehicle. So how does that help identify the manufacturer of the green sedan?

And here's the documentation that
this is indeed a Haji toy.
Easy -- a side-by-side comparison completes the puzzle.

I had purchased a three-wheeled green sedan that may or may not have been made by Ichimura (see: Part 41 - Indian Head Mystery). When I compared the chassis of that vehicle with that of the Haji sedan, I could see distinct differences. When I compared the chassis of the Haji tank truck with the Haji sedan, I found them identical.

So now I'm satisfied that the seller was correct in his representation, and I in my attribution. And the Straco Express display layout just got another spot of color.

Definitely a welcome addition. Nice to have something not in primary
red, yellow, or blue.
Total cost for the project:

Layout construction:
  • Pegboard: $4.95
  • Flathead Screws: $0.40
  • Molding: $2.49
  • SilClear: borrowed from a friend
  • Green Paint: left over from another project
  • Wood Screws: $3.60
  • Felt Pads: $1.99
Power Pack: $5.90
Small Houses: $3.00
Testor's Gray Paint for road: $1.29

Bandai Areo Station: $8.99
2 tinplate signs: $1.00
4 tinplate signs (with train) $5.99
Cragstan HO Light Tower $20.49


  • Two Japanese toy cars: $2.00
  • A.W. Livestock truck: $4.99
  • Taxi: $2.99
  • Ambulance: $2.99
  • Two Japanese patriotic cars: $6.99
  • Haji three-wheel sedan $3.00
  • Haji three-wheel tanker $5.00
  • 1950's sedan $2.99
  • LineMar Pepco Truck $8.50
  • LineMar Bond Bread Van $8.00
  • LineMar Fire Engine $4.95
  • LineMar Dump Truck $12.99
  • LineMar GE Courier Car $10.98
  • Nomura Red Sedan $5.00
  • Nomura Police Car $2.52
  • Nomura lumber truck $3.48
  • 6 Namura vehicles $16.99
  • Orange Sedan $10.99
  • King Sedan $9.95
  • Indian Head logo sedan $4.99
  • Yellow/red Express truck $9.99
Total Project Cost: $191.37

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