Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Comical Dick Tracy Returns

It was a little over a year ago that the Dick Tracy creative team, Mike Curtis and Joe Staton, introduced "Straightedge Trustworthy," the comic strip within a strip. Modeled after Al Capp's "Fearless Fosdick" (a strip within his strip "Li'l Abner"), cartoonist Vera Alldid's "Straightedge Trustworthy" makes no secret of who it's referencing and lampooning. (Vera Alldid, to be clear, is a character in "Dick Tracy" --  see The Comical Dick Tracy for more background on Alldid and Capp). 

For April Fool's Day, Curtis and Staton pulled an elegant prank, and simply presented their strip-within-a-strip as the strip itself. (click on image to enlarge).

 Funny and brilliant -- and especially appreciated by long-time Dick Tracy readers (such as myself). 

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