Friday, August 19, 2016

Line Mar Match Box Construction 016 - Memorial

I found a Line Mar Match Box Construction Set from the 1930s, complete and with instructions. The box claimed the set made 100 different toys. I decided to test that claim -- one toy at a time. You can read all the posts for the Line Mar construction project at 100 Toys.

016 Memorial

This toy was another constructed entirely of stacked pieces. And because it's not very tall, it's actually quite stable. I could take my time setting up the shot, and didn't have to worry about accidently bumping the table -- or exhaling.

The instruction sheet calls this structure a memorial. It reminds me of a different type of structure, and one that was pretty rare in the 1930s. I'm not sure I'd really consider this a memorial -- unless it's a memorial for the Unknown Tollbooth Keeper. 

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