Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Line Mar Match Box Construction 074 - Two Wheel Conveyor

I found a Line Mar Match Box Construction Set from the 1930s, complete and with instructions. The box claimed the set made 100 different toys. I decided to test that claim -- one toy at a time. You can read all the posts for the Line Mar construction project at 100 Toys.

074. Two Wheel Conveyor

This turned out to be an extremely difficult toy to build. A single beam extends down into the box. In order for the box to sit squarely, the dowel must be perfectly balanced on that beam. 

The pulley mechanism makes the beam a little offset from the center. And that meant trying to shift the dowel back and forth incrementally to balance the box. The photograph shows how close I got after a half hour of work. 

The illustration is also quite misleading. The shortest dowels provided are much too long. The illustration implies that they extend only a little out the other side. Not so. I photographed the toy at an angle that hid most of the excess. But if you look carefully you can see a little bit of a dowel extending out the back. 

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