Thursday, February 22, 2007

What's on my list

OK, Ken (and you, too, gentle reader). Here's what sitting in my Netflix cue as of February 23, 2007.

1. Little Miss Sunshine – When the movie first came out, the reviews suggested it might appeal to my skewed sense of humor. A recommendation from my daughter who shares a similar outlook clinched the deal.

2. Woman in the Moon – I was reading an article about Fritz Lang, and saw a citation for this film. That's all I needed to explore further. Woman in the Moon (1929) is Lang's other science fiction movie, and by most accounts has a story that's surprisingly sophisticated for the time.

3. Lawrence of Arabia – Incredibly, I've never seen this film all the way through. I've only seen clips in various documentaries about movies, and viewed parts of it while channel surfing. Just filling another gap in my knowledge (and looking forward to a great viewing experience).

4. The Navigator – I've always admired Buster Keaton. I haven't seen this film, but I have watched his more famous pictures such as Steamboat Bill, Jr. I admire his inventiveness and his ability to perform astounding physical comedy seemingly without effort -- I also seem to be one of the few that like his work in the 60's beach movies.

5. Garden State – I'm a big fan of Scrubs, so I was automatically interested in Zack Braff's first film outing. Friends whose opinions I respect also recommend the film, so into the cue it went.
Looking at the lists side by side, it looks like Ken's trumps mine in variety and depth.
Ken – what say we revisit this topic in a month or so and see how the lineups change?
- Ralph

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